The Bellagio Science Communication conference involves 22 invited participants from around the world. It is being organised by Jenni Metcalfe, Alex Gerber and Toss Gascoigne – all members of the scientific committee of the International Network for the Public Communication of Science & Technology.

The purpose of this conference is to set new directions for science communication. Practitioners in this field need to work from a better theoretical base, and researchers need to consider the questions that practitioners want answered. The meeting will allow a frank discussion of the problems and issues practitioners face, and the contribution theoreticians in the field can make to devising new strategies.

The participants at this conference will discuss and agree on activities and methods for:

  • Determining how science communication research can better inform the practice of science communication
  • Ensuring that the research needs of science communication practitioners are understood by researchers
  • Bringing together science communication researchers and practitioners to jointly work in projects aiming to solve some of the world’s intractable issues
  • Forming a global science communication think tank that develops a theoretical framework for effective science communication research and practice.


A substantial document will be written that details the outputs of conference discussions. This will be posted as a draft on the PCST website and comments invited.

The meeting will stimulate a series of articles with conference participants committed to their authorship.

This is designed to be a meeting with practical outcomes, so we anticipate putting together a joint grant proposal for a global project that brings science communication researchers and practitioners together to solve an intractable problem; for example engaging urban citizens in sustainable cities.

The outcomes of the conference will help shape the program of the New Zealand PCST Conference, especially the topics and questions focused on during plenary panel sessions.