Conference Agenda

The agenda is about discussions among the participants over the three full days of the conference. There are no formal presentations, but rather an exploration of the issues that science communication scholars and practitioners need to address.

The topics to be discussed over the three days include:

Day One, Tuesday 7 November

1. Science communication and the Rockefeller Foundation’s 4 priorities (Chair: Cary Funk)

2. Trends, challenges, opportunities and gaps in science communication research (Chair: Jenni Metcalfe)

Panel: Alex Gerber, Marina Joubert, Luisa Massarani, Bruce Lewenstein, Martin Storsdieck

3. The world of the science communication practitioner (Chair: Marina Joubert)

Day Two, Wednesday 8 November

4. Theories and disciplines of science communication (Chair: Brian Trench)

Panel: Emily Dawson, Joan Leach, Felicity Mellor, Maarten van der Sanden

5. Science communication and policy making (Chair: Rock Borcheldt)

Day Three: Thursday 9 November

6. Collaborations between science communication research and practice (Chairs: Toss Gascoigne & Emily Dawson)

7. Bringing it all together – outputs and outcomes from the conference (Chair: Alex Gerber)

8. PCST Conference 2018 (Chair: Lloyd Davis)

Session will look at how the conference outputs and outcomes will contribute to the next PCST conference in Dunedin, NZ 2018.