Post-truth: Has Science Communication Failed (Us Scholars)?

Inspired by our first-day debate here at Bellagio, as to how ‘honest’ today’s “Honest Brokers” (Pielke 2007, @RogerPielkeJr) in institutional communication really are, and preparing for our second-day discussion on the policy-dimenssion of pcst, I would like to point everyone to a recentĀ paper by Peter Broks (2017, @peterbroks), who is working with me at Rhine-Waal, reflecting on a session we hosted with the UK science communication scholars community at SiP conference earlier this year about “Making Upstream Meanstream” at Sheffield University. In a nutshell: Communication as a driver in democratising science and innovation.

Mat Nisbet (2017, @MCNisbet) had also reminded us earlier this year about the “Cultures of Complacency” in Science (> paper), arguing that, in order to “survive Trump”, scientists needed to invest in a “strategic vision that mobilizes social change“.

What would this mean if there also was an emerging Culture of Complacency in Science Communication (Research)?