Research/Practice is the topic of the week!

I received notice yesterday that on Tuesday, at 9:00 pm Bellagio time, the AAAS will be hosting on its Trellis site a live discussion about research/practice issues (including Bronwyn Bevan of the Collaboratory that Martin already posted about). I suspect most of us will want to be relaxing by then, but in case we want to project on a wall and have a local conversation while we watch it scroll by….


Discussion link:

Live Trellis Discussion: Collaborations Between Researchers and Practitioners

Join us here in this thread on Tuesday, November 7 from 3:00-4:00pm ET to talk about partnerships between public engagement researchers and practitioners.  You may also start posting your questions or comments here at any time (before, or after, the live chat). We will be joined during the live chat hour by Bronwyn BevanBrendan NyhanLiz Suhay, and our own Emily Cloyd. Bronwyn will talk and answer questions about the Research+Practice Collaboratory and the others about the two new partnerships they are embarking on, and will be presenting on at the November 16 – 17 Sackler Colloquium on the Science of Science Communication. These projects are: Evaluating New Approaches to Promoting Vaccination, and Evidence-based Science Communication to Policymakers, both funded by the National Academies and the Rita Allen Foundation.

Please see this summary of other Trellis content related to research-practice connections/gaps (including a previous discussion with Erika Shugart with lots of ideas about collaborating), and this announcement with links to requests for top ten tips for researchers studying engagement, and for scientists doing public engagement!

 If you’d like to share this with others who are not yet on Trellis, they may request to join the group.



2 thoughts on “Research/Practice is the topic of the week!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Bruce.
    It would be great if we could tune into the webcast collectively and maybe shared what we’ll have discussed so far…
    I would indeed consider the RPP Toolkit [] one of the most valuable contributions to the discussion about the scholarship-practice interface in pcst.

    There is also an option to tune in live to the Sackler Colloquium on the Science of Science Communication III, 16-17 Nov, for all of those who cannot join in Washington. For the time being, however, there seems to be a technical glitch which prevents people from registering, yet I’m sure this will be sorted out by the hosts in time.

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