Thoughts on the process of the agenda

Hi all.
I have several suggestions for the agenda, I sent a more detailed document to Jenni but here is a short description of the main ones:
1. Presentation session.
We can use an analog visualization of information. This works very well to break the ice, have a sense of the group and introduce to each other. See photos (In Spanish but you can get the idea). We can ask something like:
– How many hours did you fly to get here
– Are you: Researcher, practitioner, mutant (both)
– Do you work at a: University, Research Institute, Other
– Cat or Dog
– How long have you been working on sci comm
2. To set our goals and increase networking having a wall with papers of “I offer” and “I´m looking for” could be a nice and useful options. We can set the wall the first day and see the evolution through the days.
3. Researchers and practitioners
We could divide researchers and practitioners into separate groups to develop questions and then get together in plenary. Focus on attributes, skills, defects…
4. Discuss Rockefeller’s priorities on day 3. I recommend to use an Open Space methodology around the question How to build stronger collaborations between science communication research and practice?
5. Rockefeller’s priorities: One option to cover this topics could be to have a table per topic and have people rotate for each one.

Luz Helena